All Video and Photo Content that is produced for Murphy’s Taproom in Manchester, New Hampshire, Murphy’s Diner in Manchester, New Hampshire, and Murphy’s Taproom & Carriage House in Bedford, New Hampshire are copyrighted from moment of creation from graphic images to video imaging.

Such information includes Live Streaming Videos, prerecorded videos, along with still photos taken on their premises of business. Those who share and copy these Video and Photo imaging content have to request permissions to be able to add to there business pages on Social Media.  Those who are in the photo and video imaging have automatic rights for using and sharing on there own personal social media sites.

Businesses on Social Media that copy and or share to there Social Media Business pages need to request permission to do so.  Sharing to your Business pages is to provide your Business Page with immediate growth and popularity for your own gains to show to other businesses outside of Murphy’s Taproom and therefor is not agreed upon without request and permission.



June 1st, 2018